CRKT Trencher 3-Position Entrenching Tool 27.19 Overall


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The Trencher entrenching tool is a great blend of ergonomics, aerodynamics, and good old-fashioned grit and determination. A unique three position heavy-duty shovel head features an aggressive and sharp wood saw on one side and a beveled edge for cutting roots and chopping wood on the other side. A reinforced steel tip on the shovel head makes rocks see the same fate as you pick them out of the way. Grab hold of the handle. It feels like it was practically made for your hand no matter what the use for your Trencher. But if you look at it a little closer youll find theres also a wire cutter built right into the textured grip that runs the full length of the handle. This beast of a survival shovel isnt going anywhere when it encounters the elements.Package includes: CRKT Trencher 3-Position Entrenching Tool 27.19 OverallHEIGHT X LENGTH X WIDTH: 3 X 23 X 9WARRANTY: 1 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

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