It’s interesting how time disappears from you. One moment a whole summer lies ahead of you. Then all of a sudden, you move into full throttle with getaways and sweltering heat, flies and bugs.  Then, the school year kicks off with shopping and sending kids off to school.

Joyfully, there’s still time to press in one final hurrah before fall unfurls.  That is enjoying the delight of open air fire cooking.

We recommend a pit fire barbecue

Remember to:

• Let the open air fire torch burn down to a bed of shining coals before cooking on it. The easiest way to destroy nourishment is to let it burst into flames. In addition, an excess of smoke tastes frightful.

• For cooking, make certain to spread the coals equally under the mesh.

• Wood consumes rapidly, so if your dish requires expanded time on the mesh, have fortifications helpful. You should begin with two flames one next to the other and scoop coals from one to the next.

• Campfires are hot, so make sure to flip your food often, thus avoiding burning it. Remember to utilize oil to keep meats and veggies moisturized.

August is a marvellous time

August is a marvellous time to set up camp in one of the many provincial or state parks in western Canada or the US. Even better, why not set up a portable shelter and fabricate an open air fire on your very own terrace, adhering to all safety regulations of course? (For thoughts, check out

The delight of open air fire cooking is fun since;

  • minimal work is required;
  • few containers are needed making for an easy cleanup; and
  • it’s great to get out of the kitchen.

Be Prepared!

Camp picnics work best when you stick to the idea of “Be Prepared!” This requires a bit of pre-planning and selecting all required ingredients ahead of time to minimize efforts at the time of the cookout. Check the menu and just take the necessary bits and pieces in small containers as required. If frozen items are required, take them in the frozen state in a camp cooler so they are thawed when needed.

Great picnic formulas aren’t complicated. They can be both simple and tasty. All you need for a great steak is a sizzling hot container and a few fixings to make everyone happy.

When arranging your menu, pick durable items that will confront being pressed tightly in a cooler, or tucked into a storage compartment with a tent and hiking beds. A couple of basic tools are:

  • a sharp blade,

  • tongs,

  • a substantial broiler glove to guard your very own gloves when preparing nourishment over coals,

  • flame resistant cookware. Cast-iron is your closest companion here — you can cook pretty much anything in it, either legitimately on coals, on a mesh or on a propane-filled camp stove, in case you’re taking the path of least resistance.

  • Aluminum foil, which can be molded into bundles for broiling food or formed into a stopgap search for gold, is another must-have.

  • A solid flame broil grind, either with legs or without, likewise is a smart thought as it will enable you to hoist the sustenance and dish over the flame pit.

In conclusion, you have to admit that little compares to the delight of open air fire cooking.